Ko-Jishi - small lion


Noh Ko-Jishi theater mask "the little lion". Carved in Japanese cypress wood and hand painted with natural pigments. Very old, in good general condition although with some friction in the paint and some dirt due to age. Signed by the artist.

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Height 21 cm
Width 16 cm

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This mask is used exclusively in "Shakkyō", which has a demon or an elf for its main character. The scene of "Shakkyō" is China. In the work, the Japanese priest Jakushō sees a lion dancing on a stone bridge, which leads to another world, the Pure Land. It is a dance of good omen to expel evil spirits. This mask represents the majestic appearance of Buddha preaching the truth and is traditionally known as Shishi-ku (a lion's roar) because the face is compared to that of a roaring lion.

According to the school, the mask can be carved in several ways. These forms belong to what is known as "little lion"