Ja (woodcarving)


Noh theater mask "Ja". Carved in Japanese cypress wood and hand painted with natural pigments. Very old, in good general condition although with some friction in the paint and some dirt due to age. The kanji of the signature can be seen that it is very worn.

This character is very rare and is very difficult to find, it is a special piece for collectors.

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Height 24 cm
Width 25 cm

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Legendarily it is said in Japan that women become snakes if they feel extreme anger or if they hold a grudge. This mask looks a lot more brutal than Hannya, if we look we see that it has no ears and shows a terrifying face with its mouth wide open and threatening. The golden color in the eyes and teeth means that the character is alien to humans, and the dark red in the face makes us feel tumultuous passions that have never manifested. On the other hand, we can find the intention of the artist to insinuate the image of a woman when painting the whitish forehead.

Silk cloth bag and wooden box are include.