Kagekiyo woodcarving


Noh Kagekiyo theater mask, carved in Japanese cypress wood. Good general condition although it shows signs of age and use, very old mask but of great quality and detail. Signed by the artist in the back. Includes wooden case and case.

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Height 21 cm
Width 15 cm

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Taira no Kagekiyo was a great soldier of the Heike clan who was defeated by the Genji clan and exiled to the western region as a prisoner. Kagekiyo stabbed himself in the eyes and went blind so as not to see how the rival clan Genji flourished, later he went into exile and became a priest. Depending on the school, masks with different expressions are used. The schools of Hōshō, Kita and Konparu use what look like warriors, with a mustache and beard, while Kanze and Kongō wear the kind-looking ones, without a mustache or beard.