Ko omote ( woodcarving )


Noh Ko omote theater mask. Carved in Japanese cypress wood (Hinoki) and hand painted with natural pigments. Very old, imported from Japan, some wear due to use and age but very good condition. High quality mask with very beautiful features. Includes wooden box with documentation, with artist stamp and bag. Special for collectors.

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Height 21 cm
Width 14 cm

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It represents a girl of fifteen or sixteen, the youngest woman represented by masks, with purity, beauty and virginity. Ko-omote literally means small face. "Ko" means tenderness, youth and beauty. "Omote" means face. The mask shows the beautiful face of a young woman whose nature is calm and serene. The face reflects Heian's classic beauty: he shaves his eyebrows, arranges his hair and places his teeth, and his teeth blacken. This face shows a woman coming of age, idealizes the ingenuity of youth.

Ko omote mask